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Dual Immersion / Bilingual TK

Dual Immersion Flyer
Dual Immersion flyer

Our Dual Immersion / Bilingual Transitional Kindergarten (TK) program is a unique opportunity for both Spanish and English speakers! In this program, Spanish speakers participate in an additive bilingual TK experience that maintains and grows the Spanish they have been learning since birth while building their confidence in English. English speakers become familiar with learning in Spanish, especially if they have aspirations of attending the Kinder Dual Immersion.

Please note that Dual Immersion / Bilingual TK is a stand alone program and is not a direct feeder into our Dual Immersion Kinder - 8th grade program. It is anticipated that students will transition into DI Kinder; however, the students will be required to apply for the Kinder-8th grade program.

Informational Videos

How to apply?

The Dual Immersion / Bilingual TK 2024-2025 application will be open from March 25, 2024 to April 9, 2024! To apply for the program, you must complete the following:

  1. Submit the Dual Immersion / Bilingual TK Application
  2. Submit the LESD  new student registration or permit application if you reside outside our district.