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Meet Our Teachers

We encourage you to connect with our teachers and staffing using ParentSquare, which allows you to message the teacher and stay up to date with classroom information!

Marty Lyons

My name is Marty Lyons.  I have worked at LEAP for twenty years. Before I came to Lawndale, I taught in general education classrooms. I currently have a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, a Specialist Instruction Credential in Special Education and an Administrative Services Credential. I enjoy working with young children and their
families.  Watching them grow and develop each day is truly a joy.

Sonia Gutierrez

My name is Sonia Gutierrez. I  have worked in the Lawndale School District for 29 years. I have been in the child development field for about 25 years and was a  preschool teacher at the Lawndale State Preschool Program.

I have worked with the LEAP Preschool Program for many years as a general education preschool teacher in a collaborative class, as well as other elementary grade levels throughout the years. 

I am a Certified Child Development Teacher with a Site Supervisor permit from the California Commission Teacher Credentialing. I enjoy working with the Lawndale community, with the children, and their families.

Queena McNam

Queena McNab has had the honor of teaching in Lawndale Elementary School District for over ten years.  She began working as a part-time SDC teacher at LEAP Preschool for one year and then transitioned to serving the next five years at FDR Elementary as their learning center teacher.  After several years, she then felt the tug to return to the LEAP Preschool where she continues to work today as one of their special education teachers.  Queena holds her Mild/Moderate Education Specialist Credential for K-12 and has a Masters in Early Child Special Education.  Additionally, she has an Orthopedic Impairment Credential, which authorizes her to serve the school district as an orthopedic impairment specialist.  She has greatly enjoyed working in LEAP preschool and looks forward to growing with and supporting the children and families there.

Leslie Ogawa-Kertesz

Heather Stranberg
My name is Heather Stranberg. This is my second year working in LEAP. I have a credential in Early Childhood Special Education. I love helping young children develop a love for learning at an early age. I enjoy working as a team with my students' families to develop goals that can set their children up for success and achieve their "a-ha" moments!